Wunderkind Adjustable Forward Controls

MK-106667-F15 (Black)

To suit 2017-up Scout Bobber

The foot rests and levers are adjustable in 3 steps.
Thus, in contrast to the original foot rest system, the position of the the feet changes approx. about 100, 125 or 150 mm to the front, 25 mm closer to the frame.
The angle of the brake pedal as well as the angle of the gear lever is setable in many steps.
The rests reduce vibrations and are made of sticky rubber so that the feet do not slip in case of wetness.
Foot rests are created in the shapely design called ‘Crown’.
All parts are CNC-milled and surfaced by house-made anodized layer BLACKPearl.
Includes part certification.